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No one looks out for your health & wellness like Ambiente!

Typically, we only see a doctor when we’re not feeling well. But what if there’s a way to not have to get sick – at least not as often?


At Ambiènte, we concentrate on not only getting you better but also keeping you healthy. We do that by focusing on you as a whole person, including feeding your soul through art and art exhibits and being a one-stop location for all the good things you need to stay well in the Minneapolis area. Perhaps our most important focus is providing educational talks that will empower you to lead a healthier lifestyle – and actually prevent health issues from even occurring. Now that’s amazing!


We've found the path to wellness!

The secret is knowledge… and knowledge is power. Ambiènte has become your true source of health and medical knowledge by bypassing popular health care misconceptions and all of the missteps that happen with self-diagnosis. We aim to deliver life improvement strategies in Minneapolis through complimentary Lunch-and-Learn lectures. These 40-minute presentations are designed to provide a highly impactful lunch hour lecture or workshop. Each Lunch-and-Learn health talk offers an opportunity to improve your health while you enjoy a meal on us.


What you need to know about a healthy life.

FREE Lectures and workshops are available to all interested businesses, community organizations, and groups in the Minneapolis area. Interactive workshops have instilled a deeper understanding of healthy habits and pro-active wellness principles. Our most popular Lunch-and-Learn Workshops and Public Wellness Talks have covered a wide variety of life wellness topics:


  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Weight Loss
  • Back Health and Safety
  • Work Station Wellness
  • Repetitive Stress Prevention
  • Stress Reduction
  • Staying Energized
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Proper Posture
  • Ergonomics
  • Medical Updates
  • Personal Finance
  • Retirement Planning
  • And More!

Call us at any time or walk in to schedule a same-day appointment.

Your Minneapolis connection to happy living.

When you are free from the worries and stress of sickness and reoccurring illness, you become free to focus on the simple pleasures in life: family, friends, culture, knowledge, play time, relaxation, and entertainment.


At Ambiènte, we want to make a difference in your life, your family, and in the Minneapolis community. So we’ve enlisted Doctors for Health and Wellness (DHW), a diverse nonprofit organization of wellness-oriented professionals who provide a truly educational health experience to their community. It’s a labor of love that they perform through donated time and heartfelt pride in what they do.


The Doctors for Health and Wellness consists of medical doctors, certified health care providers, and expert wellness leaders from a wide variety of health and wellness fields. And since DHW’s workshops and presentations are FREE, you may receive additional resources and/or a significant discount on any related services.


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