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I have seen quite a few chiropractors in my lifetime and none of them as good as Dr. Kari Boudreau.   During the first visits, she found that I needed a small heel lift to compensate for a slight leg length imbalance, which affects everything apparently - walking, cycling, running, and even standing. Thanks Dr. Kari for coming up with such a simple (and inexpensive) solution.   - Jodie

Dr. Kari Boudreau

Owner and Executive Director


I founded Ambiente Gallerie to further the mission of “helping our community achieve better, improved, and enlightened health.” Health and wellness has always been very important to me and for over 25 years I have provided care to hundreds of people with various conditions and have helped them improve their lifestyles. I believe, with 100% certainty, that people have greater potential for better and improved health.  I am so proud of our environment which enhances healing and stimulates inspiration. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State and Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Science Universities.

Travel: I would travel anywhere in the world that would increase my understanding of people and cultures and cuisine. Top of my list includes Thailand, Japan, Croatia, and Costa Rica.

Magic of Ambiente?  It is a constantly evolving service machine. I love that. We constantly get to discover ways to deliver health and wellness.

When I am not working I'm traveling, cooking with my gourmet dinner club, reading at least a couple of books, planning trips to see friends, taking my dogs to the park, or training for Triathlons.

Little Known Fact- I was the Text-Book Athlete of the week my senior year in high school.

Dr. Tracie Fowler
Doctor / Public Lecturer

I have a Bachelor in Science and her Doctorate from Northwestern Health Science University. I  expanded my education obtaining a certificate in sports nutrition, functional medicine and as a medical assistant. I Have  over 15 years helping people improve their health.

Health & Wellness is important to me because without it you have nothing- no enjoyment in any aspect of a person’s life. It really is that simple.

I enjoy Ambiente because I love the energy of Minneapolis and the Arts district where we are located plus the people I work with all are passionate and always help our mission.

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be the birthplace of my grandmother- Spain!

The magic of Ambiente is the people.

When I am not working I am being with my family biking, going to the beach, cooking, and just spending that quality time enjoying our beautiful city.

Little known fact: is an accomplished musician.

Dr. Justin Cronk

I earned my Bachelors  of Science Degree in Human Biology and my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University right here in MN. Much of my chiropractic experience has been centered around working with athletes - especially as it relates to biomechanics. I also take a functional medicine approach to nutrition and really enjoy helping people by teaching them how to eat properly.

What I love most about working at Ambiente is the warm, inviting environment. Immediately upon setting foot in the door you get all these "feel good" vibes - there's great energy here and I love that. It's certainly not your typical stuffy clinic.

If I could travel anywhere in the world right now, it would most certainly be Thailand.

When I'm not working I enjoy spending  time with my family, reading & writing, being in the outdoors and playing my guitar.

A few little known facts: I am an Iraq War veteran, I have worked as a geological technician in the Arctic Circle in gold exploration as well as Co & UT for Uranium exploration, I have taught as an adjunct professor and I have worked as an aerial photographer.

Massage Therapist

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and decided to expand my skills to become a Massage Therapist, I graduated from Aveda Institute in 2013. I enjoy working at Ambiente because they emphasize the importance of wellness as I am striving to be better myself.

When I can I would love to travel, I enjoy cooking and being outdoors. I have a strong passion for the Arts..dance, photography, poetry and music.

little known fact I am a musician who performs locally.


Massage Therapist

I went to Corinthians College for Massage Therapy in 2009.

Health and Wellness is important to me because it supports your overall well-being and it brings you to happier place.

I enjoy working at Ambiente Gallerie because I have developed great relationships and it has a overall great environment.

If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Greece because I love the Mythology, art and culture.

The magic of Ambiente is the balance between good staff and great clients.

When I’m not working I am spending time with family, eating and resting.

I like gardening.

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